People who have experienced homelessness have been invited to take part in a new weekly football event.

Founded by Michael Magbagbeola in 2018, the Save The King charity will be putting on the weekly event for homeless people.

The free opportunity will be held at the Powerleague Romford, located on King George Playing Fields, on September 23 from 11am to 1pm and every Thursday thereafter.

Alongside playing a game of football, attendees will be given food and offered the use of showers.

Michael, 36, whose full-time job is as director of people at Newham Hospital, is keen to do all he can to help those in need.

He said: “Despite the fact many homeless people receive housing, they still have a lot of addictions and without activities to do, they can slip back into addiction.

“This event will allow people to do some sport and encourage them to look after their wellbeing, helping the most vulnerable people in society”.

In the future, Michael hopes to offer a monthly GP service to attendees and said his “dream” would be to set up a “rough sleepers homeless football league”.