A Newham restaurant has lost around £20,000 and been the victim of vandalism amid a week-long power cut caused by flooding.  

On October 25, residents and businesses in the Canning Town’s Hallsville Quarter were plunged into darkness by the outage, which was sparked by a flood in the basement of three privately managed blocks. 

The area has since become a ghost town as residents have been forced to evacuate and stay in hotels and businesses have had to close. 

Since the ongoing power cut, Adam Beainy – owner of Lebanese restaurant Petit Café in the quarter – estimates he has lost around £1,500 in sales each day and £10,000 in wasted food stock. 

He also fears insurance companies will not cover the full amount lost. 

Additionally, as security alarms were not powered on, vandals have targeted the restaurant by smashing the doors.

Newham Recorder: The smashed doors at Petit CaféThe smashed doors at Petit Café (Image: LDRS)

“When can I go back to normal life?” Adam asked. “When can we have our businesses back? 

“It’s taking a real toll, mentally, physically, emotionally, you’re just drained out – how much more can we wait?" 

Residents told the LDRS their hotel and food bills are piling up in the thousands, with First Port Property Management Services – which operates two of the flooded blocks - saying it is supporting residents by providing them with a daily £25 food and drink allowance and would reimburse people for the first few days of hotel stays. 

Adam said: “We cannot wait another week and a half, it’s killing us. People are suffering, people don’t have money any more, businesses are nearly dead. 

“I don’t know what to do, how much more can I afford? All of this money going out of my account, direct debits, money lost – insurance could take three months.” 

When Thames Water visited the site last week, it told the BBC concrete was found in a nearby sewer line, believed to have been caused by a third party. 

The water company said the investigation is ongoing. 

A Met Police spokesperson confirmed to the LDRS that police are aware of criminal damage in the area and are carrying out further enquiries. 

First Port told the LDRS it is in charge of residential units and customers only, though it has provided extra security for Hallsville Quarter following this week’s vandalism. 

A spokesperson for Newham Council said it “continues to monitor the emergency situation”. 

“Last week we responded to the immediate emergency with officers on site,” they said. “First Port, the management agent for the property, mobilised resources to relocate residents. 

“As part of our emergency response we introduced road closures to allow the London Fire Brigade and First Port safe access to the area. 

“The council continues to make the management company aware of issues raised by residents and local businesses, including the reports of vandalism. 

“First Port have agreed to increase security patrols around the empty property and we have alerted the Metropolitan Police Borough Commander to the issue.  

“We are in regular communication with First Port, who are providing updates on the progress to reconnect power so that residents and businesses can move back in. 

“We are also asking FirstPort to ensure those affected are kept informed of progress.”