A children’s learning centre in Stratford has celebrated its 20th anniversary of being "a part of so many Newham childhoods".

Discover Children’s Story Centre first opened its doors in 2003 and says it is the first of its kind in the UK.

The site transports families and children into a world beyond imagination, with immersive exhibitions, story worlds and storytelling rooms across multiple floors and in their garden.

It held a celebration event to mark its anniversary and worked in partnership with charities, community groups, food banks and libraries to be able to give away 1,500 free entry passes to families for the weekend.

Discover’s chief executive Rebekah Polding said: “[It] was a great way to make sure we were supporting even more families with creative adventures”.

Rebekah added the event was “a fantastic weekend with exciting things wherever you looked – Box Rockets in the basement, dancing in our Story Worlds, monster making in our first every play street and stories everywhere".

Newham Recorder: Children taking part in Discover's birthday weekend 'Monster Making'Children taking part in Discover's birthday weekend 'Monster Making' (Image: Nat Gee)

Among its work, Discover works with schools and runs a Story Sandwich programme for families experiencing homelessness among other community contributions.

The centre supports children in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Newham Recorder: Child reading a book in one of Discover's story roomsChild reading a book in one of Discover's story rooms (Image: Nat Gee)

Rebekah said: “We’re super proud to be a part of so many Newham childhoods, […] committed to ensuring that Newham residents guide the centre through our rambunctious Children’s Forum and that all of Newham has privileged access to Discover.

“We are hugely thankful to the local businesses and supporters who made this special weekend giveaway possible."

Newham Recorder: Families enjoying their day outFamilies enjoying their day out (Image: Nat Gee)