Boredom No more! Things To Do When bored:


  1. Take a stroll through London’s city: When you do happen to be flooded with boredom either by yourself or with the whole family why not take a stroll through the City of London! During sunsets the London skyline can be a relaxing and beautiful sight or even before the Big Ben strikes the hour can be magnificent!
  2. Arts or Crafts:  Why not make something that could be given as a gift to someone or rather something that you may like to decorate a room with. You may not even need the artistic hand for example why not try to make some origami or try some spiral art (I recommend Spiral Betty for this!).
  3. Bake or cook something: despite some recipes requiring a large amount of ingredients or even things you don’t have at home why don’t you try to create a recipe yourself?
  4. Relax or unwind: you can do this by simply just listening to music or even by doing something you enjoy for example reading or some people even find tranquillity in colouring.
  5. Learn something new: Always try to start to learn new things that could potentially benefit you later down the line for example learning a new language on Duolingo or learning a new skill online. Even getting ideas from Pinterest on what to learn might be beneficial for you!

Remember, boredom is just a state of mind. With these activities, you’ll be able to turn your free time into an opportunity for fun, learning, and self-improvement!