It is not often you get the chance to wear bowling shoes during a three-course meal, but at All Star Lanes in Westfield Stratford City all is possible.

The venue has 14 bowling alleys, karaoke, a gaming space and a dining area in a close but healthy proximity for people to enjoy.

The bowling venue announced it had reopened following a refurb on September 21, and hosted our group on October 5.

Westfield can be an overwhelming place to visit after work, a busy shopping complex easy to get lost in. But All Star Lanes is tucked away in a quieter corner on the second floor.

As we entered, we were whisked away by a staff member to a bowling alley towards the back and offered a drink.

Newham Recorder: The chilli mango margarita received a special mentionThe chilli mango margarita received a special mention (Image: Olivia Carter)

One such was a chilli margarita, chosen by a colleague, which includes tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, mango puree and a red chilli, of course, ideal to calm the nerves before a vital shot.

Though the lanes were close by, there is ample space to sit and socialise between bowls and watch attempts from nearby parties.

After a false start from one of our group, who had never bowled before, a tight contest had developed by the game's close.

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One of us had taken a clear lead, but as the final two bowls drew near there was only ten points separating second and third place.

Despite having never gone bowling previously, my colleague claimed second place, and was delighted: "I enjoyed the bowling alley as someone who had never bowled before," she said.

"I would definitely go back for it."

After the bowling, we had a three-course meal and were escorted to the adjoining dining area - albeit in our bowling shoes.

Newham Recorder: Dinner shoes: We were invited to dinner in bowling footwearDinner shoes: We were invited to dinner in bowling footwear (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)

We sat down to receive our menus from a waitress who helpfully provided an allergy sheet.

We opted for different starters, I chose the Padron peppers while my colleagues opted for a vegan chick’n quesadilla and jalapeno poppers respectively.

The starters were a hit, notably the jalapeno poppers which my colleague satisfactorily dubbed "spicy, cheesy and hot."

All three of us chose the vegan chick'n burger as the main, and while it was well put together and seasoned, the cheese had a dubious flavour.

Newham Recorder: The chick'n burger had mixed reviewsThe chick'n burger had mixed reviews (Image: Olivia Carter)

Thankfully the dessert, a vegan vanilla gelato, came along to save the day.

After it was washed down with a final cocktail, a French martini coupe with vodka, pineapple juice and Chambord liqueur, spirits were high.

Newham Recorder: The vegan chick'n quesadilla and vanilla gelato went down a treatThe vegan chick'n quesadilla and vanilla gelato went down a treat (Image: Olivia Carter)

All Star Lanes was a perfect after-work spot. The bowling provided a great chance to socialise while enjoying a casual game, even for a complete beginner such as my colleague.

The mysterious decision to let us eat in our bowling shoes, as one of us could have quite easily forgotten to collect our own before leaving, was an added quirk to the evening.

Though the burger's vegan cheese did not convince, the menu mainly hit the right notes, especially the chick’n quesadilla which came as a generous serving.

For post-work drinks, a laid-back birthday or a dinner date in bowling shoes, All Star Lanes might be the place for you.

Address: 2nd floor, Westfield Stratford City, E20 1ET

You can visit their website here.