Schools are actively signing up their students for the Young Reporter Scheme short course, which is being launched now.

Starting at the beginning of January, the four-month journalism programme is for students from school years 10 to 13.

Similar to the full programme, students write one article per month which will be published across Newsquest’s range of online newspapers.

Students are given the opportunity to build a portfolio of published work they can use on their CVs and UCAS applications.

The shorter course allows schools that have not been involved in the Young Reporter programme before to do a four-month taster from January to April.

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By participating in this course, students are not just learning theories but are actively engaging in the world of media.

They will also improve their writing skills, hone their research skills and write articles that potentially can impact a real audience.

Liz Poole from Headington School, who took part in the scheme for the first time last year, said: “All the students were really engaged by the short Young Reporter Scheme, so much so they came to me personally at the start of the academic year to secure a place on the full scheme.

"It was great to see how this extracurricular endeavour had fired their imagination and interest.

“I would highly recommend this course to any educational practitioner looking to build their students’ independent learning, tenacity and commitment.

"This course goes beyond the development of students’ communication skills, fostering skills which are invaluable in the workplace and in life generally.”

Charlotte Nairac, Assistant Head of Sixth Form at Chigwell School, added: “It’s a great way of getting an authentic insight into journalism and the independent nature of it is a particular strength – students pursue their own interests and work to non-negotiable deadlines which replicates the real-world experience well.”

For those who are keen to pursue this type of career, the scheme can fast-track students onto a four-year degree apprenticeship programme. 

This programme is open to all students from 16 plus, who are no longer in full-time education.

Ezekiel Bertrand, one of the Young Reporters from last year and now involved in the apprenticeship programme, said: “Doing the YRS really opened up my love for journalism and news reporting.

"I wasn’t always sure what I wanted to do after my exams, and now I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made of becoming an apprentice in Newsquest and it all roots back to doing the YRS.”