Some tennis courts in Newham have been given a makeover.

The renovations were carried out by Newham Council who teamed up with the Lawn Tennis Association.

The idea is to encourage more public participation.

The eight courts in Plashet Park, Royal Victoria Gardens and Little Ilford Park have been resurfaced and repainted, with new fencing, nets and posts installed.

“It’s great to see this transformation of our tennis courts that are now back into play for the benefit of local people," Cllrs James Asser and Neil Wilson said.

The work is part of a nationwide £30m government programme run by the LTA Tennis Foundation.

Sports minister Stuart Andrew said: “The new facilities in Plashet Park are for anyone to pick up a racket — and potentially become the next Andy Murray.”

The courts can also be used for local competitions as well as free weekly sessions with equipment provided. They can be booked at