The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has been left "deeply frustrated" as non-ULEZ (ultra-low emission zone) complaint cars can not be sent to Ukraine.

It comes after the Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko sent a letter to Khan in September proposing that the vehicles included in the ULEZ scrappage scheme could be donated to Ukraine.

In the letter sent by Klitschko, he said the vehicles would create “enormous potential” adding that the vehicles could also have a “variety of life-saving and transport roles”.

Now in a letter obtained by The Telegraph, Khan shared that he could not allow the vehicles to be sent to Ukraine due to a “legal threshold”.

Sadiq Khan cannot send non-ULEZ cars to Ukraine

According to the Mayor of London’s letter, the ULEZ scrappage scheme was created to ‘benefit Londoners’, in terms of an “economic, social and environmental perspective”.

Following reports of the letter, Khan has first some levels of backlash as Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London told the Telegraph: “Sadiq Khan’s refusal to send scrapped ULEZ cars to Ukraine, citing a legal quirk, is absurd.

“Londoners who choose to scrap their cars should have the freedom to decide for themselves if they want their car sent to support Ukraine.

“Standing with Ukraine against tyrants like Putin is not only a moral imperative but also in the best interest of all Londoners and the global community.”

Following Khan’s response to Klitschko, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Sadiq wants to support Ukraine in any way he can and is deeply frustrated that sending Londoners’ non-compliant ULEZ vehicles to Ukraine via the scrappage scheme is not within his legal powers. So instead he has set up a website enabling Londoners who have a suitable non-compliant vehicle to donate their vehicles directly to Ukraine.

“He’s also asked the GLA to work with TfL, London Fire Brigade and the Met to see whether they can send any suitable vehicles to Ukraine - and a number of London fire engines have already gone to help the cause.”

The ULEZ scrappage scheme in London allows motorists with non-complaint vehicles to claim £2,000 if they scrap their vehicle to be used towards a ULEZ complaint option.

Those who chose not to scrap their vehicle instead pay a £12.50 daily charge towards the ULEZ.

Since its expansion across all of Greater London, the ULEZ has seen mass backlash with some protesters taking down cameras.