Newham Council has backed the government's decision to ban the sale of disposable vapes.

The decision will see the supply and sale of all disposable vapes in England, Scotland and Wales banned due to their apparent appeal to children. 

The move was announced earlier today (January 29) whilst prime minister Rishi Sunak was at a school visit.

The decision is said to have been made with the view to stamp out vaping in children, something the government claims has risen at an "alarming" rate. 

It will see the government exert new powers allowing the flavours of vapes to be restricted, packaging to be made plain and even how vapes are displayed in shops to limit their appeal.

Newham Recorder: The ban has been announced in the hopes it will stamp out vaping in children by lessening the appealThe ban has been announced in the hopes it will stamp out vaping in children by lessening the appeal (Image: Jacob King/PA Wire)

Responding to the move, Cllr Neil Wilson (cabinet member for health and adult social care), and Cllr Amar Virdee (cabinet member for community safety and crime), said:  “The government has finally listened to the concerns of health professionals, parents and children themselves and announced long-awaited plans for a ban on disposable vapes.

"This is something we as a council have been calling for, backing the Local Government Association’s position.

“This will send out a clear message to young people, that they simply should not be vaping. There has been mixed messaging around this, with the bright coloured packaging and flavours which are targeted at a younger audience."

Not only will the government have the power to control packaging and flavours of vapes, they will also introduce new fines for shops in England and Wales which sell vapes illegally to children.

Trading Standards officers will be able to serve an 'on the spot' fine of up to £100 in order to tackle the sale of vapes and tobacco to underage customers.

This will be in addition to the maximum fine local authorities are able to impose of £2,500.

The Newham councillors closed their statement by saying: “While this move will benefit children’s physical and mental health, it will also prevent hazards in our bin lorries, ease pressure on our Trading Standards teams and avoid issues with recycling at our centres.”

According to Government research, 69 per cent of vapers aged 11-17 in Great Britain in 2023 were using disposable vapes. This figure rose from a recorded 7.7 per cent in 2021.