NewVIc student Elisa has received an offer to study history at the University of Oxford.

Elisa hopes to study history at the prestigious Wadham College, which was founded by a woman and was one of the first Oxford University colleges to start admitting women.

She is predicted to achieve grades of A*A*A in the summer. Elisa comes from an academic family and is the second child in her family to be going to one of the top Russell Group universities.

Elisa is in her final year studying A Level history, politics and Spanish, as well as an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

She is also enrolled on the NewVIc’s Honours Programme for gifted and talented students.

The honours programme aims to support students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with high academic potential, by inspiring and engaging them in challenging topics that are often only taught in private schools.

Whilst on the honours programme, Elisa took part in all of the super-curricular projects offered, enabling her to think critically, engage with a myriad of courses and hear from various experts.

This enabled her to participate in the Charlie Hutchinson Project, resulting in a trip to Wadham College in Oxford.

Elisa’s enjoyment of the project and experience was so valuable that she instantly knew that Wadham was the college for her.

Elisa, honours and A Level student, said: "I am astounded by the offer from Wadham College and beyond excited at the prospect of studying there in October!

"I have always been fascinated by the University of Oxford and never saw myself as anyone who would ever go - rather a sort of dreamland for the academic best of the best.

"I recognised my own potential after receiving my GCSE results and I decided that the only thing holding me back from reaching for the best for me was myself.

"I knew from the moment I started my journey at college that I wanted to apply for a top university where I could study history.

"However, I was but was apprehensive to do so, especially where Oxford was concerned, as it's a very daunting prospect.

"I could not have been luckier to have Carina as my 'mentor'. She always ensured that Oxbridge seemed like a realistic prospect by sharing her abundant knowledge and personal experience.

"I took part in the honours programme, which provided invaluable tips on how to approach university applications and make ourselves stand out in preparation of the selection process.

"This included offering the opportunity to do an EPQ alongside our studies, something I found very interesting, enjoyable, and beneficial to my application.

"We were informed of various university outreach programmes through the honours programme, all of which I never would have known about.

"Carina was with me on every step of the process of applying, always offering her time and feedback when preparing my personal statement, entrance test, and then interview - it's fair to say she grilled me!

"As a result, my interview was a much more relaxed experience! I am very grateful for her hard work, and I doubt I would have gotten this far without her.”

Carina Ancell, honours programme manager and teacher of history, added: "I’m delighted that Elisa has been offered a place at Oxford University.

"Many ambitious young people like her apply to but only a few get selected.

"Our unique honours programme works in partnership with many universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

"The support sessions we offer at NewVIc coaches students on what to expect at their interviews, and how best to prepare for them.

"Being an Oxford University alumna myself, I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge and experience with our students.

"We are extremely proud of Elisa and wish her the best."

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