McDonald's has finally confirmed the official launch date for McDonald's Monopoly 2023, and it's just weeks away.

As fans eagerly wait for the return of the promotional game, prizes are expected to be better and bigger than ever before.

Last year saw the addition of the Double Peel, which allowed players to double the gameplay through the McDonald’s app.

Although McDonald's has not confirmed whether Double Peel will be returning for 2023, fans can expect more information soon.

When is McDonald's Monopoly starting in 2023?

McDonald's has confirmed that the official start date for 2023 Monopoly is September 6.

The promotion is set to last until October 17.

What is McDonald's Monopoly?

The popular promotion first started back in 2005 and works in a similar way to the classic Monopoly board game.

Customers have the chance to win prizes by collecting game pieces from menu items such as fries, wraps, drinks and McFlurrys.

Simply by peeling off the game pieces from these selected items, customers can instantly win free food items and bigger prizes or collect property pieces of the same colour for a bigger prize via the McDonald’s app and online.