McDonald's fans are in for a treat as the fast food brand shares its exciting summer menu. 

With six new additions heading for the menu, customers will get to try out twists on old classics and brand-new items. 

The summer menu from McDoanld's includes the brand new McCripsy Deluxe (£6.09) that offers a special summer twist. 

Unlike the normal McCripsy, the deluxe will be topped with cheese and bacon alongside the crunchy chicken breast and hot and spicy mayo. 

Plus McDonald's fans can try the new BBQ Quarter Pounder Cheese (£4.29) that promises to offer the sizzling flavours of a backyard barbeque and if one burger isn't enough, you can get the BBQ Double Quarter Pounder Cheese (£5.49) too. 

McDonald's unveils new summer menu

Alongside the new burger, the fast food chain is adding some new cheese bites for all the cheese fans. 

As the Cheesy Garlic Bites (£2.29) return to menus with portions of five, offering a blend of mozzarella and Emmental cheese, coated in a garlic herb coating.

Plus, with summer here, it means more ice cream and that includes McDonald's two returning McFlurrys. 

With the return of the Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry and Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry (both £1.99 for large).

Items will come to restaurants on August 2 nationwide.

Newham Recorder: The McCripsy Deluxe and BBQ Double Quarter CheeseThe McCripsy Deluxe and BBQ Double Quarter Cheese (Image: McDonalds)

Fans react to McDonald's summer menu

Reaction to the new menu has been mixed, whilst some are excited to try out the new and returning items, others are calling for returning of missed items. 

As many Twitter users ask McDonald's to "bring back the chicken legend" as one wrote: "all I want is the breakfast wrap, the chicken legend and the raspberry ripple."