Spotify users have taken to social media to discuss a problem they have been experiencing today (June 7).

The popular music streaming platform is experiencing a “glitch”, causing users issues with accessing playlists.

Some users took to X, formerly Twitter, to ask Spotify to “fix” the problem.

While Spotify isn’t down itself, the problem has caused an issue for users who are trying to listen to or access their playlists on the app.

Spotify users complain about playlists not working

A playlist on Spotify makes it easier to access the audio that users want to hear, for example, creating a list of songs for a car journey and titling it ‘Car songs’ helps users stay organised and know where to find the particular music.

In response to some complaints from users, Spotify Cares’ X account posted the following statement to the social media platform: “We’re aware of some issues right now with the app and are checking them out!”

Lots of the replies have come from BTS fans who say that Spotify “always” has issues when the band members release new music.

The fans have been trying to stream the new music and are now left hoping that their streams have been counted in the official figures.

One person commented: “FIX IT NOW ASAP”.


A third said: “Everyone's @Spotify playlists have mysteriously vanished.

“@SpotifyCares, please look into this glitch and reinstate everyone's playlists to their profiles as soon as possible!!”

Someone else said: “Faster, please! Thank u”.

Spotify resolves issue with playlists

Now, Spotify has explained that the issues should be resolved.

The Spotify Cares account posted: “Everything’s looking much better now! Give us a shout if you still need help.”